COVID-19 Campus Health Protocol for Student Noncompliance

COVID-19 Campus Health Protocol for Student Noncompliance

SUNY Delhi has informed the students about the COVID-19 campus health protocols that must be followed in order to maintain a safe and health environment this fall semester.  The health protocols and expectations were communicated to students and families through emails, social media posts, the SUNY Delhi website, posters/signage across campus, meetings with resident hall assistants, and through requiring that all residential students and students taking an in-person class or lab sign the Student Code of Conduct Appendix 11.

The campus health protocols and expectations are outlined on the SUNY Delhi COVID-19 web page and on the Student Code of Conduct Appendix 11 web page.

If you identify a student who is not following these expectations, below are guidelines that may be helpful in addressing the behavior.

  1. Speak to the student in a firm, polite, and compassionate manner.
    Politely ask the student who may not be following one or more of the COVID-19 campus health protocols to do so for the sake of their health and the health of others. Most students will likely apologize for their error and comply with your request.

    Some examples of this initial interaction include:
    • “Hello Jordan, I see that you do not have a mask on today. To ensure the health and safety of everyone in the class, please put your mask on. I really appreciate your cooperation. Thanks!”
    • “Hi, Taylor. I see that you’re sitting in a seat that is marked off to ensure distancing. Please move to any other seat that is not marked. Thanks so much for helping me keep the classroom safe.”

An example of a subsequent interaction addressing a student who is repeatedly not complying with classroom expectations is as follows:

  • “Jordan, I really want you to be part of this class but for that to happen, you need to comply with the college’s expectation regarding wearing a face mask in the classroom. Unfortunately, if you continue to not wear a face mask, I am obligated to file a report with the Student Rights & Responsibilities Office in the interest of the health and safety of everyone in the class.”
  1. If the student forgets their face mask or other necessary item required for compliance with expectations, offer guidance to assist the student in resolving the issue.
    If you learn that the student has forgotten their face mask, explain to the student that to ensure everyone’s safety, they need a face mask to remain in the classroom or area.  Ask them to return to their room to get a mask or suggest they purchase one from the bookstore. Remind them that if they obtain a face mask they may return to class or area.

An example of such an interaction is as follows:

  • Hey Sam, thanks for letting me know you forgot your mask. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to be in class without a mask. Once you obtain a mask you’re welcome to return to class.” 

Reporting Violations

Students who comply with an initial or secondary request should not have a violation report filed against them.  Remember, the goal is to have the student comply with the request and to use the interaction as an educational moment and avoid a adversarial situation.

If a student repeatedly does not comply with the request to comply with the COVID-19 campus health protocols and expectations, or if a student is disruptive to your class/office/building, then you can file a violation report using the online reporting system.

If you have questions about when to file a violation report, please call the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office at 607-746-4443.  Depending on the level of violation and the student’s response to requests, students could face warnings, educational conversations, educational sanctions, up to suspension.

Thank you for helping to keep our campus healthy and safe.