Reporting Obligations

Reporting Obligations


  • Cannot re-disclose any information provided by a reporting individual.
  • Medical providers; licensed mental health counselors; clergy; off-campus counselors and advocates. The above must be acting in the capacity of these roles when learning of a report in order to maintain confidentiality.

Confidential Resources

  • Health & Counseling Services: 607-746-4690, Foreman Hall,
  • Campus Ministry: 607-746-4239,  Safe Against Violence: 607-746-6278
  • Safe Against Violence 24-Hour Hotline: 866-457-7233


  • Do not disclose any personally identifiable information to police or campus officials, but provide aggregate data to the Title IX Coordinator as required by law.
  • Counselors without licenses; Employees at a campus advocacy center, including a women’s center or crime victim assistance center; Administrative staff at counseling, health, and advocacy centers.


  • Will limit disclosure as much as possible while complying with the law and SUNY Delhi policy, which requires notifying the Title IX Coordinator or designee of all known details.
  • All college employees besides confidential resources and non-professional counselors and advocates; including Deans, Resident Advisors, Residence Directors, Academic Advisors, Faculty and more.

Private Resources

  • Title IX Coordinator: Mary Morton, 607-746-4430, Bush Hall ·
  • Director of Counseling Services: Mary Wake, 607-746-4695, Foreman Hall,
  • Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities: Lacey Williams, 607-746-4443, Catskill Hall ·

Resident Director Offices

  • Catskill: 607-746-4850
  • Dubois: 607-746-4286
  • Gerry: 607-746-4296
  • Murphy: 607-746-4287
  • O'Connor: 607-746-4292
  • Riverview Townhouses: 607-746-4851
  • Russell: 607-746-4282/4281

Resident Assistant Offices

  • Catskill: 607-746-4852
  • Dubois: 607-746-4285
  • Gerry: 607-746-4295
  • Murphy: 607-746-4288
  • O'Connor: 607-746-4291
  • Riverview Townhouses: 607-832-4100
  • Russell: 607-746-4290